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First Time FUT Champs Help

238 posts Sunday League Hero
So I've never participated in FUT Champs as I couldn't be bothered with the grind but I think I'm gonna give it a go this weeeknd. Any body got any tips for me? I've heard people say rivals is harder than FUT champs is that true?


  • grafyfoxcr7
    237 posts Sunday League Hero
  • grafyfoxcr7
    237 posts Sunday League Hero
    Not the best player to tip but play games like 5-6 in a stretch and cool down in between. Coz sometimes due to lag or loss glitch you'll be frustated
  • The relative difficulty really depends what Div of Rivals you're in. I'd say as long as you're Div 6 (having played a while) then WL will be ok and not really too horrific.

    Whatever, matchmaking in WL will mean even if you have some tough games to start off, then after a few you'll get to a reasonable level where you're getting even competitive games.

    There's a "WL Novices" thread somewhere on the PS4 forums for WL newbies where we can share our stories of being crap improving together - come over and say hi sometime...
  • antonius
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    play at unsociable hours... only time the gameplay is decent
  • Wz000
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    Play a 4231
    Never control your defenders
    Put cdms on stay back.
    Finessed timed shot from 30+ yards

    You should fit right in after
  • SecondCitySaint
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    edited January 2019
    Play on Sundays (Usually easier opponents, at least for me it's easier...) and take a break after every defeat. Whenever I lose a game and try to play another right after it, I get pissed and lose it again.
    About the Rivals question, I personally find Rivals waay harder than WL (I'm Div. 4).
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