STOP EA! Enough...

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We don't have any information, any news about Career Mode bug fix with -1 rating. We don't have contact, communication with EA stuff on this forum. I'm consumer and I want some information from you EA about this pathetic situation with game. This isn't acceptable! I paid hard earned money to play Career Mode in FIFA 19, but I can't from few weeks... No more! Please reply EA! Do something.


  • G9020wk
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    They will not, they f-up the game so will not help. Last fifa for me until December cause 2020 percent won’t pre order as EA HAS OFFICIALLY DISAPPOINTED ME. answer the man EA_Andy. This is the worst they made this game this year.
  • bulldogubld
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    They don’t care about us. For them, it’s good only to make money with us buying the game.
  • Pwalie86
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    They've made millions upon millions yet again no matter how many have complained. Fifa 20 will be exactly the same. Guaranteed.
  • jam13
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    One thing I know I won't pre-order FIFA 20, career mode is broken and still no public announcement from EA these people are arrogant and I hope us career mode players can unite for once and not pre-order FIFA 20 that is the only way they will give us a proper simulation the game has been broken for 6 years now all they do is give us new jerseys and latest squads and take stuff out of the game that we like, I remember a time when you could assign your players to mark a specific opponent on the field, you could also edit players' work rate. like I say unite against EA sports and not pre-order FIFA unless there are changes that we the customers want.
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