Would you buy FIFA 20?


  • BSDShoes
    3138 posts National Call-Up
    Absolutely not, if I need that football fix next year it'll be PES. I've gone a few years without FIFA, and I will again.
  • lIlIlIlIlIl
    4717 posts National Call-Up
    Not buying the next iteration unless there is a substantial overhaul of the gameplay.
  • iggypop
    601 posts An Exciting Prospect
    if they actually test the game, let users play the game and test it. Don't rely on patches to correct the stuff that shouldn't be there!
  • Darkwing1708
    1112 posts Professional
    This will probably be my last fifa. Gonna try pes next year.
  • Aqeel87
    2916 posts Fans' Favourite
    Duncan1972 wrote: »
    Not in the state it’s in.

  • Shezzzzzzz
    1320 posts Professional
    I see the same people responding that said they wouldn't buy fifa 19...
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    16541 posts World Class
    The only way I will buy FIFA 20 is if they announce serious changes to the servers. Until then I'm out as nothing is going to change.

    Ps for those that are happy to buy the game again with the state it's in yous have lost all rights to complain imo. If you buy this next year yous know what you're getting so if yous are unhappy this time next year yous have nobody to blame but yourselves for being a part of the problem.
  • sheffutd87
    3441 posts National Call-Up
    If it stays like this then no, I think I’ll be free after 19. Finding it hard to play 19 at times, just feels like a grind.

    I’ll think about it if we see some improvement in terms of gameplay and EAs attitude towards the community.
  • Alex_cr
    5854 posts Big Money Move
    I’m just going to be honest. I may as well already have it on pre-order.
  • MayJ44
    55 posts Park Captain
    100% won’t be getting Fifa 20. Huge football fan and always loved that Fifa was the only way I could be half decent at anything football related but the game hasn’t improved anywhere near enough in recent years and it’s apparent to anyone that EA have no intention of improving it anytime soon. Used to enjoy it but online aspects are more stress than it’s worth and offline it’s just not enjoyable anymore.
    1190 posts Professional
    Ea can do one i got this game for free and i feel like a idiot for even attempting to play it its that bad its without a doubt the worst football game i have ever played if you want more of the same in fifa 20 go ahead but dont moan when everything goes down the toilet again.

    Happy new year to everyone apart from ea of course.
  • BenGriggs420
    503 posts An Exciting Prospect
    edited December 2018
    They care about one thing only. Kids with cash.
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    16541 posts World Class
    Why buy FIFA 20 when you can just stay on FIFA 19 and get 4 prime icons for new year while the FIFA 20 users will get nothing :D
  • Persevere80
    1160 posts Professional
    Why buy FIFA 20 when you can just stay on FIFA 19 and get 4 prime icons for new year while the FIFA 20 users will get nothing :D

    Beat me to it.
  • HullCity1904
    2446 posts Fans' Favourite
    19 is my last one... they've managed to give us the most content ever... but the worst game ever... and that has proven to me that the content does not actually that much, does not give the game longevity.
  • greif44
    3660 posts National Call-Up
    It's a football card game, not a football game. And atm looks like most of the cards are pointless anyways, 81-rated squad performs better than 88-rated
  • Pocketsquareguy
    6217 posts Big Money Move
    It’s actuallt a good thing to buy it. Hear me out. EA measures success on fifa points. Not on how many copies they sell. So best case would be record sales of the game, with a drastic decrease in fifa point revenue. This would send a message people are tired of the game.
  • AFC_95
    8828 posts League Winner
    Probably moving to PES.
  • kuki
    41 posts Last Pick at the Park
    lolz, every one of us will buy it hoping they will make it better :smiley:
  • Noob_FC
    3151 posts National Call-Up
    I will try new game next year... Not fifa 20 for sure... The game is not good for good mental health
  • Royboy
    740 posts Semi-Pro
    Most definitely... EA has earned the right to pull $60 from my account every year. All those complaints are small to me after all.
  • Foxsake
    2680 posts Fans' Favourite
    Hell no
  • BeardedBerk
    1633 posts Play-Off Hero
    Not unless it was a new game engine and reviews are good in the first month.... Definitely no pre order
  • greif44
    3660 posts National Call-Up
    kuki wrote: »
    lolz, every one of us will buy it hoping they will make it better :smiley:
    tbh current gameplay totally puts me off playing FUT and trying to achieve anything
  • rachmaninoff
    39 posts Last Pick at the Park
    100% nope. Disappointed with fifa 19
  • Ishibum
    14595 posts Has That Special Something
    Twice now I have said I wouldn't and then caved so I cannot say I won't have again. That said, they do seem to be pushing the nonsense a bit much this time around
  • delpieroalex
    463 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Will not preorder like previous fifas until i’ve heard abt good servers. But highly likely not as their servers as been crap all year round
  • Boomba
    837 posts Semi-Pro
    Unless I'm being paid to be a Beta Tester and for purchasing their game, sure.

    After this whole experience with timed shots, buggy animations, button delay etc, I'll be buying PES where the game is supposedly better and I know for a fact the graphics are at least. FIFA still has the same graphics for years and it's boring.
  • FifaCity16
    711 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Definitely not buying another broken fifa game !
  • Woeful
    63 posts Park Captain
    edited January 2019
    probablly going to try PES next year. this fifa is arcade football whoever can score the most 30 yard finess shots, and is a massive cash cow. i mean 15 quid for 1 pack of usually junk? theyre making fools of us. at least PES my club is more development/scouting than buying packs.
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