Prime Ballack Owners

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Are u enjoying him? Would he suit as cam on a 4231 formation or should play behind due the work rates? Couldnt find a review around him


  • Asht1981
    950 posts Professional
    No to cam he goes missing best cm I've used so good at stopping play n setting up goals he won't win with the ball n feels clunky but if u use him right he is so so so good
  • El_Nino
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    As said above he’s unbelievably good, one of the very best CDM/CMs on the game, really elite imo.
    With this being said don’t play him
    CAM, too rigid
  • Vacant
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    He has suddenly started scoring absolute piledriver goals from a mile away today, which is nice.
  • TheBalenci
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    amazing CM. always bangs them in from outside the box as well which is nice
  • ccooaattssyy
    7818 posts League Winner
    CAM? No

    CDM/CM? Yes
  • RoosGianni
    3252 posts National Call-Up
    He isn’t smooth enough to play cam.

    He’s a beast as a b2b CM in a 41212(2) for me.
  • Matnevesbra
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    Got mid socrates to the cam spot. Should k get baby vieira or prime ballack to use as cdm with matuidi as the other cdm on 4231?
  • Idek
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    Regretted doing him for about the first 30 games, really like him now though as a lcm, he bulldozes through people
  • Chubbs
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    Hes insane at CCAM in 4231
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