Toty Nintendo Switch

Quick question, do us Nintendo Switch players get toty?


  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    Last year we got it. But it's fair to have doubts about It, because last year we also got the League SBC's, the advent calendar FUTMAS SBC's, and an enourmus numbers of features that EA took away this year...
  • Solari
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    Should get it as they are just in packs rather than SBC
  • Nervous_Nick
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    No league sbcs and futmas sbcs on switch??? Wow unbelievable :o :s
  • Cervelo
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    I have to say I am a bit worried about ToTY. 😕 As I have a few packs saved and some coins ready for it, but the last few weeks do make me worried that we will not get them, for what ever reason.
  • ZiaFC
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    I think that EA might just make the TOTY players available in packs only. No SBC or anything like that though. So we will have a less than 1% to 4.4% chance to actually get a TOTY player unless we have a ton od coins to buy them off the market.
  • It’s no excuse but the league sbc’s are player picks when you complete them and I don’t think that’s supported on the switch. The lack of even the icon loan sbc, futmas cards that we had last year is ridiculous!🙄🤬
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