Missing Player?

Hi chaps,

Kind of new here, never been part of a FIFA forum before and this is the first FIFA I have played since 14 I think.

Slightly random maybe but I am doing a career at Norwich (Palace supporter really), and I wanted to scout Jamal Blackman. Now I know in real life he is out for the season with a broken leg but obviously people don't play a career just for one season, but when I search for him he is just completely missing like he doesn't exist. He's no longer at Leeds, he's not at Chelsea and he's not a free agent. Is this a regular thing EA do, or should he in theory still be in the game? It's not the end of the World obviously, I've got a couple of other GK targets, just think it's a bit odd he's gone completely.

Cheers, Bucks.


  • Mattwp_74
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    It’s quite an unusual one - he’s gone back to Chelsea and they haven’t given him a squad number for this season so he has kind of fallen off the radar for EA, but let’s be frank with the errors that they make with players this would be the least of their worries.
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