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Just thought I'd have a Rant and ask anybody if they felt the same. I only play Career Mode like lots of other players and have been doing so since the 08 version. I don't pretend to be anything like decent cause I am not but always played on the hardest level except Fifa 17 where World Class gave a better game than Legendary but I did play both.

I also confess I have also been trying to convert to PES for at least since FIFA 14 mainly due to EA's constant greed where they can pump money into FUT and all these competitions round the World but not Career Mode it seems. All we get is a half baked idea in gameplay nobody asked for and where everything else just stays the same.

I will admit though in some areas Fifa does things better but imo PES in 2019 does a whole lot better. I own both games, I hoped to only buy PES but for some reason I wasn't adapting very well and when FIFA was released I thought why not? I was wrong and annoyed with myself. When I first started the game up I thought I had started up Fifa 18. I didn't expect much but anything what the players were suggestion would be nice but no, sweet F.A is what we got and while playing it I felt a little bored tbh so tried PES again.

Wiuth PES I got the option file from PES Universe ands it is really good, again imo. I started a much lower skill rating as I have tried other PES versions but couldn't take to the gameplay but they boy, have they nailed it. So I started a Master League on Regular level and with Fulham and I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed any other Career Mode as much. I was bottom for weeks without any points, just couldn't get to grips with defending but slowly I started to get better.

But it plays and looks like real football well as much as any game can. Stamina actually plays a part in each half, players get a mini boost at half-time, brilliant. Subs play a part in strategy now. You have intense battles, misplaced passes and the better players are better players. And there is chemistry as well. Why EA took it out I do not know, to me it has a part to play.

There are things I don't like in the Master League that irk me a little, the way they display the league for example is just a bit weird to me, instead of the tried and tested format of P W D L F A Pts GD they have Pts W D L F A GD which takes some getting used to, why they have chosen not to display games played beats me. Faces are better, I think the grounds are better but then they have the Licences to all that and you are reling on modders but they have still done a good job. The crowd is better in PES I think, I saw one fan on his mobile phone, lol. I think the pitches are better in Fifa but with the option file in PES they are good enough for me. Not enough yellow and Red cards for me in Pes and no handballs for me so far. I don't know if it is an option to turn on?

But players do get booked for 'simulation' which is cool and there are those 'niggly' fouls you always get at a game. Goals are good in PES and GK's are briliant if you have a decent keeper, really good saves at times and you get the own goals just like Fifa. You have choices with subs, you can have them as Automatic if you want and chose if you want the subs to come early or really late. I don't like in PES where the play stops at throw in's though.

Perhaps one day we will get a game where it plays all the way through like a real match and keep the replays until after the game. Lke I said FIFA does some things better but if you want something close to real footie it has to be PES, when you score it feels good like you have achieved something. I think I am improving as I am upto 8th now so maybe time to up the level. Oh and when you buy better players it improves the team and the CPU teams play different. I'd love to know if anyone feels the same?


  • I own both. Played PES from the original until 2007, then FIFA from 2008-2014 and back to PES. Originally I wasnt going to get PES this year as I was pissed off they took Spanish and Itslian second divisions out which is mainly what I play, don't get me wrong I do like FIFA and have a decent career going however PES is by far and away the better game to play. The players move like real people, you can actually knock the ball about and it feel like you are in control, FIFA still after all these years feels like some of the time it doesn't matter what I want to do the CPU will always force my players to do something else.

    If you love all the licences etc then FIFA is your game. But actually playing a gripping, enjoyable game of football PES wins hands down.
  • I have said before if EA didn’t have the licences not a single soul on the earth would play FIFA.
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    I think if people would realise how good these option files are then they would get a gripping footie game and more would switch.
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