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Who here loves Italian football? I do and I'm sure many of you guys do too. I'm glad EA regained the license for Serie A TIM this year, but I believe more needs to be done with the league, heck, even the country.

For starters, Serie B should get its license back into the game as well, and the Serie B teams should get properly licensed too. I'm so sick of seeing fake kits, fake badges, and fake club names get promoted in career mode and the like. I'd also like to do career modes with those teams but I want the realism that it should bring.

Also, can we change the rivalry setup in Serie A please? I can't believe I even have to say this, and I know many people despise Juventus, but that doesn't mean every team is their rival. Nearly half of the teams in Serie A do the rivalry pose in the setup before the match and get rivalry associated commentary to go with it. Juve's main rivals are Inter, Torino, and MAYBE Napoli, Roma, and Milan. Napoli and Roma are huge stretches because they are no where near geographically, they've just been closest to the title in recent years. Fiorentina are a slight rival but I'd call that more of a historic fixture than a derby. So why does FIFA treat Lazio, Parma, Sampdoria, Udinese, and ALL OF THE ROSSOBLU TEAMS as rivals of Juventus?!?! It blows my mind that I even have to bring this up. I hope this is rectified at some point. Juventus isn't selling out the stadium for a match against Cagliari. I beg these get fixed by next FIFA or better yet in a patch.
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    They don’t even update the kits when you win the title or cup it seems that EA think the Champions badge and Cup Winners badges are part of the Juve kit !!
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