1,000,000 Coins

Reached a million yesterday and don't know what to do with it. Any suggestions? I have 2 squads, Premier League and La Liga, both 84 rated.

Was thinking of an icon that could play in both teams but there isn't too many available on our transfer market. Anybody used Shearer or Baresi?


  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    Wait till TOTY is released. Maybe you could stack up something nice there.

    Could you give us suggestions on how to make so many coins on Switch? It's impressive mate :smile:
  • Pack luck was a big part. Packed Mbappe and sold for the max 240K. He went within 3 minutes. Packed OTW Fred and sold for 100k. Packs obtained from SBC by the way. Haven't bought any FIFA Points. We get a Jumbo Premium Gold pack every Monday because I bought the Champions Edition of the game but those packs have been useless. I suppose that counts as buying FIFA Points but they really have been terrible.

    The main thing is a 10 year old son obsessed with making a transfer profit. He buys Premier League players for 350-500 and lists again for 1000. They always sell. Repeat over and over. We've made a ridiculous amount from Milner and Mignolet!

  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    Great mate! That sounds really good. Thanks for the advice :smile:
  • ZiaFC
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    I didnt mind the base 87 rated Shearer from fifa 18. And I doubt anyone will ever actually pack a big name icon let alone sell them if they happen to have fortune fall thier way best bet would be TOTY, but I am personally doubtful EA will provide any of this content on the switch version. Remember when it comes to nintendo consoles its EA sports it whats not in the game.
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