How would you rate yourself on FIFA 19?



  • 1690_Ulster_FC
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    edited December 2018
    Against players who don't ping pong pass, throw 11 men behind the ball and counter attack with 5 men flying forward to score from two passes up the pitch...

    I'd say I'm ok.

    Playing against 99% of the sweaty "win with 30% posession" noobs who play this game then I'm below average.

    Currently sitting on 307 wins and 257 losses but I know over 57 of my losses are me quitting for loyalty bonus etc
  • Wonderfulwest
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    Above average as I win a lot more games then I lose usually bing by a high number of goals. And I don’t abuse the game mechanics so 6 or 7 out of 10
  • G12OGN
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    I'd be at pro events and going 30-0 every WL if it wasn't for script and luck.. :trollface:
  • PelzyWelzy
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    Is -4 out of 10 an option?

    I’m pathetic at this game.
  • Navraat
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    Decent, need to add home games cherrypicking to my skill repertoire
  • Syahiran17
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    edited December 2018
    Average. Gold1/2. Div 3 rival. 7/10
  • TomOTW
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    I'd say a good measure would be to simply take your Div away from 10, i'm Div 4 so probably about a 6/10 (also tend to win 6 or 7/10 in WL when I've enough time to play all.

    Those in Div 1 9/10, very few on here are 10/10's otherwise we'd get to see their top 100 rewards in the reward thread and feel sorry for them :(
  • VanBasten12
    6784 posts Big Money Move
    If I'm going to play with a single team, AND remain composed … I'd be well up there - I guess like a number of us that rate ourselves average to good!

    I guess I am able to be more strategic in the game, and read it well and a lot of FIFA players are very predictable and rarely change up their game. I therefore defend well - as can be against finesse shots.

    … but I simply can't keep my composure with this garbage game at times, and the general toxicity of this community really, really grates me.

    I'll even have a lead, but 4 or 5 tackles rebounding back to him and I'll start sliding in and inevitably get the red card. I'd hate to see what my red card count looked like if all those games I dashboarded on, actually added up on the player stats … :open_mouth:
  • lf2009
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    My win:loss is 2:1 so id say im 6.66/10

    It would help if i played more, some on here play more in a month than i do in 6 months.

    Also my playstyle is full out attack, games at 2 or 3 nil when i should close them out i help the oppenent by still attacking with 6 players and it costs me more than i benefit from it.
    If i learned and adjusted to results over fun playstyle id be better but i find it boring.....but thats on me
  • SomeNextGuy
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    UT 11-14 I'd have given myself 9.5/10.

    After a hefty break, I'm now comfortably a 5/10.
  • Campino
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    Depends on what frame of mind I’m in, yesterday I was playing solely for Div Rivals points and the futswap plaher so I was just trying out new things and did ok I guess.

    If I’m fully focused and not had 4 hours sleep like usual and such I would say I’m pretty good. I’ve been as high as just below D2 in rivals but never been below 1800 skill points and I’ve never been below 14 in The WL but never quite hit elite.

    Beat youtubers and elite players but also been beat by Silver 2 players so I’m consistently inconsistent. ( also doesn’t help I try and cram as many Futchamps red cards into a team as possible and not spend my 3.5 million coins)

  • BcfcDale88
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    4/10. Absolute trash at this game.
  • Joestoe
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    Navraat wrote: »
    Decent, need to add home games cherrypicking to my skill repertoire

    One of my favorite skills. Would say I mastered it.
  • Argie8
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    Pretty good. Still unbeaten on it
  • ManyakFC
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    edited December 2018
    i was above average last year with 800 wins and 300 losses (all online), this year id say im average. cant be good at a game i no longer enjoy. game gets me riled up no matter what team i use. and i probably disadvantage myself by not using the '' timed finesse'' i refuse to use it though. i just dont like that finessing is the only option to score goals this year from outside the box since every belter i shoot hits the post :D. i still do get gold 1 when i play all my games but last 2 weeks ive just been getting gold 3 and stopping. (usually have like 10-12 games left) so yeah whatever rating that gives me lol

    (div 4 1820 skill rating) dont really play rivals though only when i need to get a fut swap player
  • Blarix
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    Depends on which patch I'm playing.

    When they toned down a.i defending I went 25-5 after that it's 22 wins.

    So right now around 9.5 the other patch 10.
  • xciljw
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    EddieFicio wrote: »
    Im ok

    Solid 1/10 in delay :wink:
  • Cheetah Thumbs
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    Cantona84 wrote: »
    From being a decent 1 div player last year to being bang average this year.

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