You know you’re gonna lose when...



  • Gainzy
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    When you come up against someone from continental Europe and you live in the uk. It’s all about who lives closest to the servers.
  • Liamooo
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    When you haven't purchased any FIFA points lately
  • iggypop
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    when they have a useable red weekly rewards player!
  • I go to head the ball...and he tries to chest it...

    The keeper stands and watches the ball slowly roll past him
  • aladdin
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    you know you’re gonna lose when you hit the post twice in a half
  • DanValletta
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    emylonas wrote: »
    JURITO1000 wrote: »
    when you hit the post and he score from 1st attack

    oh boy. I dominate the first 10 minutes. Get inside the box one-one against the Gk. Hit the post and in the counter he scores... I get myself together. Continue to dominate. Even 1-1, then concede a kickoff... you know there’s nothing you can do.

  • CaptainDan-
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    When you miss a penalty even if you're 5 goals up.
  • seabo
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    When my green timed shot doesn't go in 3x.
    When my opponent shoots a ball in the roof of the net that somehow nutmegged my defenders legs.
  • Navraat
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    edited December 2018
    When you're 2-0 up and you hear:

    - "Sometimes a two goal lead can be a dangerous one Martin"

    - "Well, they've got one back, and the momentum is with them now!"
  • Mahy87
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    when I reach Gold 3 with 2-3 losses only !! and when Mertens win headers against my IF Manolas and Prime Ferdinand !!!!
  • When you score and then your players seem to get that magnet effect so you can’t get close in on them and it seems like your being repelled.
    Does anyone else think, the game wants your opponent to score so hurry up and score so we can go back to playing ‘fairly’ lol
  • QceCapo
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    I know how the game is going to go five minutes in.

  • TheFreshOne3
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    When they have 8-9 back in defence then break out suddenly with 5 attackers

    When their keepers just saves everything from all angers at with a variety of shots with a variety of power

    When I can’t string 3-4 passes together without them intercepting it or making an NFL tackle on me without me getting a free kick but they can string 10-15 together right in front of me and I can’t do anything and my players the ball and whoever is on it will curse them so they run away

    When my keeper can’t stay on his line leaving him way too prone to headers or chip shots



  • Pacey3_16
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    It won't me select my cdms when trying to defend
  • Dragula
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    When you hear "there's 2 mins left"
  • Pacey3_16 wrote: »
    It won't me select my cdms when trying to defend

    Oh boy... this is a tough one...
  • Why is it when u go 2 up your team seem to forget how to play football, never understood that
  • MUFC_420
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    When you turn the game on and even the menus are lagging :D
  • Struggstarr
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    When this happens to you. Luckily it happened to my opponent :D

  • BrentStephen7
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    edited December 2018
    When Martin Tyler mentions momentum.... FML
    Also when I can see my opponent is getting those lucky touches or the ball is working with him and against me
  • Struggstarr
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    3rknsnmz wrote: »
    Fifa has maden big mistake. Do you really know about momentum? have you ever noticed that you are trying to goal, goal and goal then your favorite player misses it in front of the goal keeper. Your shoot ratio is 20 and your opponent's shoot ratio is 3 and the score is 3-1 that your opponent is leading the game.This is the momentum. This is totally fail. EA sport is failed. I don't wanna play Ultimate Team anymore...

    Oh no the forbidden Momentum subject. You will get an email from someone from EA on this forum telling you that you are not allowed an opinion on that topic. :#
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