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You know you’re gonna lose when...


  • Jonboyparker
    5396 posts Big Money Move
    When the ref keeps giving throw-ins, corners and goal kicks the wrong way.

    “He blantenly smashed that into row Z! Why isn’t that my ball?”
  • senaffc
    1155 posts Professional
    You hit the post 3 times in a row
  • When your opponent has 3 shots on target and scores 4 goals. Don't ask how...
  • emylonas
    802 posts Semi-Pro
    When your opponent has 3 shots on target and scores 4 goals. Don't ask how...

    I know the feeling man. Once I lost 3-0 and he had 0 shots on target!!!! He never shot on target and scored 3 times!!!

  • Forca-Barca
    3287 posts National Call-Up
    When you come up against fabinho, POTM Hazard, POTM Aub, POTM Lucas.

    When you come up against a South American player who is playing in McDonald’s WiFi lol
  • Glupi86
    210 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    When your opponent has 3 shots on target and scores 4 goals. Don't ask how...

    i think when hit the post it dnst count as shot on target :p
  • emylonas
    802 posts Semi-Pro
    Glupi86 wrote: »
    When your opponent has 3 shots on target and scores 4 goals. Don't ask how...

    i think when hit the post it dnst count as shot on target :p

    Yes, that’s right... which means he scored off the post 3 times!!!
  • stylemonkey1979
    198 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Your opponent's Tackle count is in double figures.
  • mdizzl3
    12417 posts Has That Special Something
    When you concede 3 goals in the first 18 minutes.
  • NornIron
    12261 posts Has That Special Something
    Take kickoff.
  • SirSkinner
    200 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Probably not in trend with the topic, but I just played and beat someone in WL and even I noticed the ball bouncing off his players shins for every pass, his players getting nutmegged instead of intercepting the ball and tackles falling back to my players in space. I knew I was going to win in the first 15 mins

    Games so broke
  • Retro_G
    31137 posts National Team Captain
    When you're playing against a high ping player who is stealing his neighbours Wi-Fi.
  • HektorOvTroy
    1637 posts Play-Off Hero
    When I play someone clearly better than me.

    Oh wait wrong thread. I'm in the blame everything but yourself thread.
  • Renamed123456
    6198 posts Big Money Move
    edited December 2018
    emylonas wrote: »
    You know you’re gonna lose (no matter what you do) when... play FIFA by EA Sports
  • Noob_FC
    3149 posts National Call-Up
    Hit the post twice and he scores on counter....
  • TheBenson
    425 posts Sunday League Hero
    .... when the final whistle blows and your opponent has scored more goals than you...
  • Antiseen
    1383 posts Play-Off Hero
    When you gamepad randomly starts vibrating every time your opponent tackle you and every player in his team start to be supper aggressive and effective in tackling and intercepting the ball.
  • When opponent was playing constant pressure. i cant ever pass.
  • Burninman
    303 posts Sunday League Hero
    Every bounce magnetized to the opponent, your players miss sitters, no one makes runs
  • I know I'm gonna lose when my defenders start to bang against each other and fall to the ground for no reason...
  • nsholmberg11
    1378 posts Play-Off Hero
    when I power on my Xbox

    No but really there’s some great responses here and what a sad state the game is in
  • Moe_86
    1129 posts Professional
    1- score 2 quick goals
    2- first half end 2-0 for me
  • Moe_86
    1129 posts Professional
    emylonas wrote: »
    JURITO1000 wrote: »
    when you hit the post and he score from 1st attack

    oh boy. I dominate the first 10 minutes. Get inside the box one-one against the Gk. Hit the post and in the counter he scores... I get myself together. Continue to dominate. Even 1-1, then concede a kickoff... you know there’s nothing you can do.
    Same here too , until i changed Auba to Greizmann .
  • Mdx
    2691 posts Fans' Favourite
    U try and make a simple pass 5 yards away but receiving player does not move at all.
    There cb runs 40 yards to intercept.
  • alvchong
    1102 posts Professional
    This WL i got 20+ hit the posts then i know is gonna lose. I stopped at Silver 1. no gold 3.
  • Roobar
    626 posts An Exciting Prospect
    When the clock is at 90 + whatever and you don't have the ball.....
  • MoyPlaysFut2016
    225 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    When the front three is Neymar CR7 and Mbappe. Pogba CM and Courtois on goal with Ramos and Varane as CB.
  • Pepe Le DiLzZ
    15793 posts World Class
    When my players are walking with two 50kg sandbags on their shoulders.
  • Skillzy
    313 posts Sunday League Hero
    edited December 2018
    You give away a penalty and your defender was not even near him, had this twice in one game, both replays showed Ramos was not even near and did not even challenge. That’s Fifa, I still won but it was a hard battle playing against the opponent and other mysterious things
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