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Anyone used all 3? I have the coins for the 90 but wondering if the prime is worth the extra 300k, comparing the two with the right chem card there doesn’t seem much difference however I’m a firm believer that icons have that extra special wow factor compared to other players and the stats are misleading


  • Oneillr
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    I am currently using the 90 - makes great runs and his finishing on right foot is amazing - 3* weak foot lets him down on the left so you need to use him right. He also pops up in the box at the right time for tap ins, ball just seems to fall to him in tight areas. Also tall enough to be a good target man.
  • mufcscott__
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    Hi is awful, I’ve used prime and middle, just way too slow for me, moves like a bus
  • Safehands84
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    Hmm mixed opinions. I have a mill and want to buy an icon, I narrowed down to a version of best, RVN or Raul due to real life rather how they may play or not play in game, Maybe I’ll save a bit more and get a version of Best
  • tezmacfifa
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    Try kiuivert his mid card for me has been fantastic.
  • Murphdogz
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    90 owen.absolute beast.finesse for fun.always in the right area.long range shots are something else.and you know them scrappy balls in the box where your pressing shoot and your players are missing the ball.he don't.any scrappy ball he scores.scored 120 goals in 70 games for me.i trued lineker,shearer, Larsson and Owen was the best by a mile.chuck a dead eye chem on him.thank me later
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