FIFA 19 REWARDS - HOPE EA See this post

Hi guys and EA.

Im posting this because is my opinion and i want to share with you gamers and the company.

The rewards on the game is very unfare to us players, i think the game is to pro players with a god bank account.

Because lets see tho this prespective, anyone can buy a Ronaldo R9 and a Gullit 93 ( Cost 16 Millions coins ) i can play 1 year with fut champs squad battles and rivals and i dont got money to buy this, i only can buy IF i got LUCK and pack icons on packs, but in dont buy a game to play casino, if i want to play casino i play casino. i want to play fifa and play with icons like pro players, i want to experiement those players.

Please EA fix the rewards like this.

Fut Champions:

Silver 3 25.000 coins
Silver 2 45.000 Coins
Silver 1 60.00 Coins
Gold 3 75.000 Coins
Gold 2 110.000 Coins
Gold 1 150.000 Coins
Elite 3 170.000 Coins
Elite 2 200.000 Coins
Elite 1 250.000 Coins
Top 100 320.000 Coins
Top 10 380.000 Coins
Top 1 500.000

The Rewards of packs are god like is it.

Only change the coins of the rewards , because if im playing fut champs and stay on GOLD 2 i know i can buy a new player in this week 110.000, with the rewards sistems like you got rigth now i need 3 weeks to buy a new player like hazard etc. To buy a god icon i need 4 to 6 months its stupid in my opinion.

Rivals and Squad battles i think is god rigth now

Lets see on rivals ELITE 1 every week on squad battles the same the rewards are 70.000 + 30.000 + packs = 110.000 more the change on the packs if i got more 110.000 on fut champs im very happy because i 1 week i made money to buy 1 new card like hazard or pogba. With your metod i can buy nothing in 1 week.

Please made EA see this post if you got the same opinion like me...


  • tilen11
    5041 posts Big Money Move
    You are supposed to play to be able to afford ICONs, trade or buy points. By your "method" everyone would have full ICON team by start of December :joy:
  • With 3 months wit my method you can not buy a R9 , have a full team like you say you need to make mats guy. Its better pay dollars for one pack and th best guy on the pack its MORATA. Lool make make the mats and with my method on deceber you can in your team get Ronaldo CR7 and 2 icons. i think its good. because after 3 or 4 months the game gonna be dead and you one more time dont play with a good icon
  • Hutch679
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    I dont think you understand how the market works.... of you increase the amount of coins people have, you're going to just inflate the price of players... for example, say the player you want now is 500,000 coins. There are 10 of those players on the market. There are 100 people that also want that player. Now they all have the coins to purchase that player at 500,000 coins. Boom all 10 players on the market for that price at bought. Now 90 people still want that player, but there are none for 500,000 coins, there are 10 more at 550,000 coins. Because all 90 people have a bunch more coins, they dont care to buy that player for even 600,000 coins. Now all 10 have been bought at 550,000 and 80 people still want that player. The next card jn the market is 750,000. Again, the influx of coins has created a greater demand for that player so no one beats an eye to spend the 750,000 for him.

    Simple economics. An increase in the money supply (coins) will increase the demand for premium players. Therefore, the price of premium players will rise and you have gained no benefit.

    If you want premium players, the only way to get that to happen would be to increase the quantity of premium players on the market which would drive the prices lower. Hence TOTS. You need to go back to economics class.

    Your friendly accountant.
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