How do I transfer clubs in career mode

So I've been playing as a young kid trying to make his way from the mean streets of Columbia to a major club in Europe. I have played for 2 years with Al. Petrolera. I am rated a 90 overall and my form is excellent. I scored 61 goals in 41 appearances. I requested a transfer and for some reason I get zero offers. I restarted and tried again zero offers. So I tired, and tired, and tried....ZERO FREAKING OFFERS!!! I'm so frustrated. Can anyone lend any support?



  • Welcome to fifa' s career mode. I've had the same problem. It needs a patch.
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    Could part of it be simply that being rated 90, the player is getting so expensive that there aren't that many offers available?

    Also: suppose you have a certain save and you reload and try again and again whether you'd get an offer. It could be that the game has already determined, at that point (some time before the save), what sorts of offers you might with the relevant request in the relevant transfer window. In which case trying again from the same save would not help. I'm not at all certain that this is the way it works, but sometimes it has seemed to me that at a certain point in time the transfer options have become fixed for the rest of the window, and reloading hasn't provided me with any new options.

    One thing that would/could help in that case, though: canceling the transfer request, and then requesting for a transfer again. I'd try that in case case, if you haven't already.

    I do think that the transfers work more smoothly in 19 than they did in 18. You'll get more offers with just one request (having turned down the ones that you've been given) than you did in 18. Or so it seems to me.
  • smh...have you had any success in getting transferred? I went out on loan but i'm back now and still no freaking transfers...i mean who do i need to contact about this because I don't even want to play the game anymore and want my money back. This is really really stupid!!!
  • I have the dame problem. Started as central midfielder in Celtic and after two seasons im a 89 overall. I thought maybe you have ti wait that the contract expires or something like that. In previus fifa’s i recievied tons of transfer request even if i wasn’t on market.
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    Same problem. Similar problems with fifa 18. EA just dont want ppl playing career mode as it does not generate money. They r just greedy and they try make every1 play online.
  • Here my tips on transfer
    1)Wait until a transfer window
    Waiting until a transfer window is the best option when the window is open press request transfer. You will be put up on the transfer list of out of the club.
    2) Get scout bonuses
    Getting these help you get seen more often. I haven't tried it myself but give it a try
    3)Go on loan
    Going on loan is the a great way to get recognized by other teams especially in Europe.
    4)Get called on international duty
    Professionally playing for your national team can get you recognized easily
  • 2 seasons,105 goals, 3 international hat tricks for Spain, how much more do you have to do to get recognised and bought by a big club ?? Or at least have an offer - FIFA career mode is so broken I think EA have just given up on fixing it and now concentrate on making FUT them money for old rope.
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