I am Gold 2/Gold 1 player.. What Division I can get in?

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I play weekend league only but I want to push the rivals division.

This week I am sitting on a 16:7 record. I have 7 more games to push for Gold 1. Last week I did 19:11 and my team was worse now I am rockin CR7/Messi/Figo/Stoichkov/Gerrard/Petit so its pretty easy to win the close games

What should I aim for in division considering my weekend league results? Any gold players in div 1 or div 2?


  • Recoba
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  • CharlieC
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    Recoba wrote: »

  • Mikeysaio
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  • anaughtysausage
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  • Foxsake
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    I’m gold 1 but find rivals harder stuck in div 5
  • alex1987
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    I'm gold 1 and usually swing around div 4 and 5. Got close to Div 3 a couple of times.
  • enatic
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    Im Elite 3 atm and just promoted to Div 1
  • TheTormentor07
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    This is the weird thing with rivals and divisions/skill point etc, I'm gold 2/3 WL every week depending on how much I can be bothered finishing my games once I get to G3 only done the full 30 once so far, but I'm stuck in Div 5 as I find the gameplay in rivals to be horrific and full of this strange stop start lag/stutter, WL is much more bearable.

    Got to the point now where after WL I only play a couple of RIvals games in the week, so I doubt I'll ever get promoted, but the rewards for higher divisions are awful so don't see the point in stressing about it.
  • Noob_FC
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    3/4/5... Depending on consistency of results.. And once the division is assigned... It is difficult to gt out of it..
  • senaffc
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  • Thefranchise92
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    Imo if your gold 2 u should be div 4 gold 1 div 3 and elite. 2 and ab oj ve
  • Springveldt
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    Different platform as I'm on PC. I've completed 2 WL's so far, 19-11 with a cheap team and 22-8 with a 1.5M team. I'm division 4 in Rivals, usually around 1650-1750 skill rating.

    This week I'm 14-6 so far but the servers are so bad I'm considering not even finishing the games as they have been nothing but a complete chore so far.

  • Toshevv
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    I see so I should go for 1800 skill level. If I grind hard maybe I can get to 2000.

    I guess Div 1 is not like the old days. I was Div 1 players always but I guess a lot of us were
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