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I have two issues on Fifa 19 that bothers me.
First of all, I have seen in videos that you as trainer/coach can participate in press conferences. I would like to do so. Unfortunately, when I receive an e-mail in my coach inbox in regards to said press conference, the only thing I can do is to either motivate, praise or make nervous my team opposite team or players. I can not participate the conference in person.

Secondly, I have a lot of young players. I would like to loan them to gain some experience. Everytime when a club wants to loan my players, the players refuse the offer, so the chances of a succesfull loan are about 1-2%.

Anyone have answers/explanations to the difficulties I experience?


  • For the loans, the trick I learned is that once you accept a loan offer for a player, immediately go to squad hub. Take the player off the loan list and then put him on the transfer list. This seems to work for me.
  • GVlXxf
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    1. it's multiple choice conference, no personal or media conference like 2k NBA.

    2. the loan break down, usually due to salary , however, u may take 40/6- or 30/70 if u eager to loan a player out and break down several times. i usually use 55/45. i pay 45 only. 50/50, no way, AI, i am not doing charity
  • I know it is just a multiple choice conference, but the fragments I see on YouTube i.e. that the coach is actually sitting there while answering questions by chosing his answers, is something I can't achieve.
    Like how do I get there?

    As for loaning, just adding how my club and the other club is going to pay salary will increase the succes rate of a loan?
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    Press conferences don't exist in the game apart from that Scheiß
  • DrMac95
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    I think the bits you've seen on youtube may be from the journey? I haven't played it myself but it was like that last year
  • DPetrikov
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    This video from 5 minutes up to the end is something I cannot achieve.
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