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Kroos as lone cam

125 posts Has Potential To Be Special
Has anybody used him there and is it worth it?


  • DanCJ
    617 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Heard people mention it but I’ve just kept him as a standard CM. People have slagged Kroos off this year but he’s great for me.
  • Floschie80
    125 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Thx. He would slip back to cm when i can afford sif reus. In the meantime he would be the cam.
    Any input from someone that used him there?
  • WarrenBarton
    9316 posts League Winner
    I’m very impressed with Kroos this year at rcm.
    Cams seem to lose stamina quicker than cm’s this year for some reason and he never lasts the whole 90 minutes in my team at cm.
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