Anyone else sick of tackling and opponent keeps the ball

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Just finished a game finally minute i tackled my opponent 5 times around my box and every time he came away with the ball is anyone else sick of **** like this happening


  • iConfueZ
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    It's stupid. I have it around 3 - 5 times a game. Sometimes I even concede from it.
  • iTaLenTZ
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    Its the reason I quit playing the game. Manual defending is complete ****. You have better luck throwing the controller out the window than pushing buttons.
  • Boysie91
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    I concede at least one goal a game from my player tackling the ball but not coming out with it
  • Gunnercp
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    Boysie91 wrote: »
    I concede at least one goal a game from my player tackling the ball but not coming out with it

    When it happens my player usually seems to knock it on for them to run onto
  • DonkeyKong
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    It always really conveniently happens when I'm ahead by 1 goal and my opponent needs an easy opportunity
    I genuinely play against people who don't press the tackle button all game and manage to compete. They either jockey and try to run into me or more often than not just let the AI defend
  • agentxyz2
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    Whats annoying is that the tackling tracks extremely well and makes contact 90% of the time even if you have no idea which way the attacker is going. They compensate this for the 50/50 ball bobble. I dont like it, if you go the wrong way you miss, you go the right way you get a clean tackle.
  • Dave2829
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    Another annoying thing is the physicalty stat is useless having on game cos its complelety ignored by computer like defenders getting overpowered by wingers lol
  • Renamed123456
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    The one(s) I hate most is when...

    - the opponent sprints into you, clatters you, and without breaking sprint animation just stays sprinting into you bundling you over keeping the ball or until the ball stays with them.

    - tackle ball, opponent falls over, goes flying, rolls on ground, they go opposite direction to ball, gets up 0-60 sprint animation running backward in a loop gets the ball before you do
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