Anyone use an alternate controller?

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So my work got an xbox in the canteen with fifa 19, I've always played ps4 so trying to play fifa on Xbox was certainly difficult with the xbox style controller and different button layout, certainly have to get some practice in to put my gold 3 workmate in his place :joy::wink:

One thing for sure I noticed is the thumbsticks/anologs are smaller and less clunky to the ps4, found it much better and smoother to exacute skills, anyone here played fifa on both consoles and which controller you prefer? And how it impacts your gameplay?

I've had a look at a couple of alternate controllers for ps4, one is basically a copy of the xbox set up and another is more similar to the standard ps4 but wired and with smaller thumbsticks/anologs. Thinking of trying one out so was wondering if anyone here used an alternate controller and which one ? Thanks
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