When do player prices drop?

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lol I have no idea how the market works and all that stuff,do prices go up or down for example after rewards tomorrow


  • DadBod
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    Will definitely go down july 2019
  • BeanieGee
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    Down then up quickly
  • FifaKingPin
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    1 days before FIFA 21 comes oit
  • Stevo_CT
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    Most players have dropped over the last couple of weeks, obviously with fluctuations both up and down.

    The general consensus seems to be the closer we get to black friday, the more likelihood of prices dropping.

    There are a few people who feel the drop has/is already happened/happening, but I don't understand the market enough to agree or disagree with this.
  • Gainzy
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    Later today, once MattHDGamer panics 2 million school kids into liquidating their clubs for the Black Friday crash.
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