EA please give us a decent prem left back



  • mdizzl3
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    Mendy is great
  • Paulopudasso
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    God forbid they make a card OP just because it's one weak spot in the most used league. This community

    Know one asked you did they so take your **** comment and go make a thread about how bad FIFA 19 is

    Oh god forbid NO ONE asked me @Paulopudasso forgot this was a forum. Don't post if you can't handle a different opinion.
    I can handle people making constructive and helpful comments but useless uninformative ones you can keep to yourself buddy

    @Paulopudasso It is "contructive", there's literally no point in just handing OP meta cards for the hell of it just because there's a weakness in one league. Ruined the game last year with some of the ridiculous boosts.

    I can agree with that I just feel a few in the prem don't get the rating I feel they deserve
  • Paulopudasso
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    kraid wrote: »
    Without merit? Sandro? Really??

    Guys a monster
    He is a top left back but is Alonso that far behind him ok Chelsea haven't had the success juve have but has consistently been the best lb in prem for a while and should be rated higher Sandro deserves his rating
  • SavelPT
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    I use Alex Sandro UCL (untread) plus Rio Ferdinand. Naingollan in front with Hazard. Problem solved.
  • Stejens
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    Why are they all so useless I've used telles on 7 chem by far better than any in the prem , I don't see why Mendy spent 10 months out injured gets a plus one upgrade and Alonso had a decent season at Chelsea and a 0 upgrade I don't get it

    They listened.

    We have Alonso! ❤
  • Renamed123456
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    Been using Telles. Far better than any prem flop in that position this year.

    Plenty prem Brazillians if you need to get that 10 chem
  • Thefranchise92
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    Probably shouldnt say but I use sandro on 7 chem can connect him to any of the inhos or fred and also luiz. If Robertson is incoming
  • elcapitan379
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    On that note why is Alexander Arnold completely ****. 78 and not even a golf for a lad who smashed the season and was an england player.

    Also alonso is an absolute unreal lb in game far to under rated to wild overrated teles ect not even in a big league
  • Paulopudasso
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    My prayers have been answered
  • Orikoru
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    jonkero wrote: »
    deang07 wrote: »
    all about the hybrids m8

    Any suggestions I've tried David luiz and telles at lb was ok but luiz is bad

    Set your team up in 4-5-1 to start with, then you can have any double-linking pair down the left.
    Alex Sandro + Douglas Costa.
    Marcelo + Asensio.
    Alba + Coutinho.
    Filipe Luis + Lemar.
    Alaba + Coman.
    Ghoulam + Insigne.

    Use custom/dynamic tactics to change to the formation you want in game.
  • V l u m s d e n
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    Halloween mings is doing well for me
  • Paulopudasso
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    That Alonso card with anchor chem on is a really good player tbh someone tell me how to upload pics and I'll show you how he fits in
  • Paulopudasso
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    edited November 2018
    My team with Alonso in
  • FifaKingPin
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    I play marclo on 3 chem. He is amazing for me so far.
  • Paulopudasso
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    I got Alonso now in my bpl team and as a sub In la Liga team he is quality from what I have seen so far
  • Paulopudasso
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    I got Alonso now in my bpl team and as a sub In la Liga team he is quality from what I have seen so far

    Just hope chelsea get out the group so he gets an upgrade next month they going good so far against them teams who know one has ever heard of
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