If mandzukic review

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What is he like and what is the best chem for him


  • Antiseen
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    Ki3r4nM95 wrote: »
    What is he like and what is the best chem for him

    He is very usable and good, if you play like ultimate douche, running down the wing with wingers and doing blind crosses
  • john_d_efc
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    I used him and he bags goals for me, especially in important games

    Only problem, he's got the turning circle of a bus and sometimes he can ruin an attacking move.

    In the air, no one beats him for me, wins the majority (even against VVD) and his shooting is spot on in the box

    I use Marksman on him though
  • bnkws
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    He's a super sub for me. With fast wingers he can score a lot, he's also great on corners. Definately worth to try.
    I use him with sniper.
  • FifaKingPin
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    Get immonile. His more than mobile
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