Broken game

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lmao This game is so broken I have to make an account to post here
I only reached gold 1 this WL, I’m perfectly okay with some of the Ls I took. They’re just better players. But sometimes I feel like I’m just getting screwed by the game. I don’t have a god squad but I definitely feel confident playing with it. And ffs came up against 2 cheap epl teams and lost both of them. dominated the possession, 13-3 goals on target and lost 3-2. Literally every other shot hits the post otherwise the goalie makes a godly save. The only chances he got at 45th and 90th are both converted into goals. One of the lucky **** even messaged me saying he deserves to win more for being more clinical. These glitches are crazy, just fix it already. There’s no skill gap in the damn game how is it even considered a competitive game smh
Anyone experiencing the same problem?


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    Yeah, just have a quick look around the forum, the first few pages are full of people complaining about stuff, ranging from things you mentioned to server issues. I myself, have issues with the servers being dog meat, one day it's decent and the next it's near unplayable due to delay and unresponsive gameplay
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    Honestly is there anything we as a community can do to urge EA to fix these ****?
    Sometimes the game is giving me more stress than uni. I only play wl as I have to study but I love fifa, especially when playing with players from my fav club. Can’t enjoy the game with **** like these happening all the time smh
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