CB-CB-GK triangle

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Which 3 are the best out of these do you guys think?

Marquinhos - thiago Silva - buffon

Benatia - chiellini - IF sczeszny (?)

Or any other trio, just need at least one Brazillian.


  • Amdp9
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    2nd option IMO
  • Jackets20
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    First pair, i have silva and buffon. But use Kimpembe as the other CB he is a best for me. Sczeszny might get in this TOTW so he may be a better option but Buffon has been great for me.
  • raul7kiev
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    400+ matches for triangle Buffon-Kimpembe-Marquinos (now Red version).
    They are solid, and T.Silva was worse for me for sure.

    Benatia not so good like in 18 and Sczeszny was terrible for me so I changed him after 15 matches for Pepe Reina.
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    Sczeszny by far the worst keeper I vs. everytime I vs him it's an easy game, he makes too many mistakes
  • PD93
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