Why peoples spend money in not working game im not understand? Can somone explain ?

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Few facts - Peoples spend money to build good teams with goood players and take adventage - and collect more wins in FUT Champtions.

- Heart of Fut Champions is Weekend League where we can grab best packs and prizes.
But Weekend League never work corectly beacouse always is huge delay and players gots a lot discconects - So what is the point to spend money for not working product if you cant even take any pleasure enterteiment and fun from game during Weekend League ? When is impossible to play ? When even good team or good skils can be not enough for win against medium team / skill players when all games have few secund delays or you always got few games discconect / lose beacouse EA dont wonna spend additional money to fixed problem.

And in same time company take regular money profit from players and still not improved servers so same problems is week after week month after month - players still cant play in good gameplay during weekend league aka - Delay champions or " Road to disconect"

So im not understand why peoples spend money if they even cant play in this game in normal mode during weekend + Looks like EA take money and dont care abaout players problems beacouse if money from Fifa points still flow then looks like is not any problem yes?


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    Because people are addicted to gambling and cant stop.

    Oh yeah and little kids getting their parents creditcards
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    EA expands your capacity for illusion. Telling you a better team will make things right, as long as you put your spendings in the wicker basket and sing a prayer. Always been a buck to be had doing that. Thing is, this yen for ever-chasing upgrade entrenches you in a paralytic state of mind, where the only escape is the ephemeral hunt for virtue, that EA happens to provide. Enclosing the loop to your addiction.
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