Every. WL. Same S**t

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Ever since I've played WL, no matter the cost of my team, 3m or current 50k, I win the first 8/9 out of 10. As soon as I hit 10 games, it becomes one win for every 2. Every single time.


  • Mataay
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    Thats because younget matched up against better opponent...
  • FifaKingPin
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    Thought matching is based on level. If I lose a game, I go back to 0 and a win is a +1. And I get matched with similar level players.
  • QuinnUK87
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    You're playing your games too quickly... Space them out and stop rushing through them.

    If you win 10 games on Friday, your going to be getting matched up against the best of the best... Where as, if you have a rating of +10 on Sunday. The chances are you will get matched up vs someone who has won 15 lost 5, rather than won 10/10.
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