Best gk in the game?

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Is there such a thing as the best keeper in game?


  • Edu
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    Neuer for me
  • M98H
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    Courtois, De Gea, Neuer, and Handanovic
    In order imo
  • Cloudio7
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    De Gea, IF Pickford, Handanovic for me.
  • Striker8881
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    De gea is the biggest pain for me
  • Blarix
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    De Gea was crap. Courtois was good and hando was decent. Need to try Oblak, but Big pete was the best out of the lot. Crazy saves he made for me.
  • Andy99TradeZ
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    If I come up against ddg or court then I know its gonna be tough
  • SupaNoodle1990
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    Edu wrote: »
    Neuer for me

  • Perin and Ter Stegen for me. Didn’t like Courtois or Oblak, haven’t tried De gea of neuer
  • holdenwait
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    Kepa does the job tbh, but back to lloris atm
  • Muzza11
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    Courtois for me.
  • Davey Sprockett
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    Of the top keepers I've tried, the ones that played best for me are Ter Stegen and Lloris.

    The unbeatable freak of nature I can't score against is Pickford, but when I have him, he might as well be a toddler that just pooped his nappy, I can't understand why he is so hard to play against but so crap for me :D:D:D:D

  • DonkeyKong
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    The 3 keepers I've used over 85 are loris buffon and oblak. They were all great for me but I think lloris was the best of the bunch...just
  • maymanpele
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    Easily handanovic for me. Over 250 games played for me and he has saved countless 1v1's
  • RascalinHere7
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    Out of what ones I’ve used in this order

    1. Neuer
    2. De gea
    3. UCL Szczesny
  • Edu
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    Blarix wrote: »
    De Gea was crap. Courtois was good and hando was decent. Need to try Oblak, but Big pete was the best out of the lot. Crazy saves he made for me.

    Neto >>>>> Oblak
  • FatZed
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    Courtouis makes some crazy reflex saves for me, him and De Gea are ones that trouble me most against but think Courtous shades De Gea this year. Haven't tried the others
  • VanBasten12
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    Had Neto (NIF & IF) for over 350 games now and has been great.

    Created a new team and needed DDG for full chem (3 atb) and initially thought it's plenty coins, but he's made some incredible saves and won me games. Very impressive.
  • Thefranchise92
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    In that order
  • FlyingOkapis
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    Neuer I notice when playing against, also Pickford when I had him, was very surprised with how good he was.
  • Scutch
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    I won an untradeable Oblak in the Gold Upgrade, so sold Courtois to use him alongside Ramos and Varane/Godin. Been using him ever since.
  • Invincibility
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    Anyone tried van der sar..

    His 89 looks better then his prime
  • Anythingadam142
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    Of the cheap ones I love Neto

    More expensive Lloris & DDG are the best
  • WildaF3niX
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    Really Pickford is that good? I got his red version, but never used him
  • Hoopsterz
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    Haven't tried the really expensive ones but I've had Alisson since i packed him at the start and haven't even considered upgrading him as he has been phenomenal.
  • Begby
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    Neto is brilliant for the coins, will be the last position i upgrade as he has done nothing wroth getting replaced for.
  • Joestoe
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    Just bought Neuer because Courtois' kicking horribly disturbed me.
  • Artiboy
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    89 Champions League Lloris has been great for me
  • Jackadinho
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    Red Pickford is very good for me. IF Szczesny always does my head in
  • tauras
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    Pickford is unreal.
  • Couchy
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    The vast variety of answers here shows how different the game is from FUT17 and 18 where you saw Butland and Begovic in 90% of teams.

    Everyone seems to have a different opinion, I personally found Courtois to be absolute garbage. I’ve noticed that Lloris seems to catch everything, never get a parried shot off him.

    Got DDG for 115k and I’m now set for the rest of the year.
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