• When the goalkeeper will try to avoid a "corner"?
  • Pro clubs. Please make it possible to turn off the position indicator. Big red arrow about leaving the position. Too intrusive. Newbie can turn on
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    We want more realism on the field
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    Cardiff, Fulham and Wolves are still missing key starhead players. (Cardiff/Fulham managers in, yet Wolves' Nuno isn't???)

    Are the rest coming in the next patch? Surely more players were scanned?
    Would love a response so I can filter this back to the fans who might start getting upset ;)

    While I can't answer this question directly (I don't personally know the answer), as FIFA moves more and more into Live Service mode, you can expect that things that normally would have come in a single title update a few years ago (such as the 'StarHead' patch) may come in smaller chunks now as we are doing much more frequent releases.

    Thanks - obviously the majority of fifa fans are unhappy with a significant amount of starhead's missing / expectations high in terms of updating existing players, etc.
    I get the feeling that what you've said there just needs to be announced to the community. Without being able to tell us 'theres more on the way' then i guess its difficult also.....

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    LordBob wrote: »
    Cardiff, Fulham and Wolves are still missing key starhead players. (Cardiff/Fulham managers in, yet Wolves' Nuno isn't???)

    Are the rest coming in the next patch? Surely more players were scanned?
    Would love a response so I can filter this back to the fans who might start getting upset ;)

    While I can't answer this question directly (I don't personally know the answer), as FIFA moves more and more into Live Service mode, you can expect that things that normally would have come in a single title update a few years ago (such as the 'StarHead' patch) may come in smaller chunks now as we are doing much more frequent releases.


    Will we have to restart our career mode to receive the new faces that were previously generic?
  • I am experiencing two major issues in my FIFA 19 game play experience:

    1. I am currently playing in career mode, and having consistent issues with the AI moving my players, on the pitch, around into different positions during every match... I play a preferred 4-2-3-1 (Narrow), so what's happening is sometime during a match the AI begins to accelerate play, resulting in my players becoming difficult to control, whether attacking or playing defense. My players with 90+ acceleration and sprint speed are unable to out-pace/out-hustle inferior AI players. In addition, my players are moved to different positions: striker is now playing LB, CB is now my ST, LW is now playing RB and so on.... This happens every game, once each half. It has become quite frustrating to have to stop my game play and move my players back to the positions I had assigned them.

    2. I went through my entire first career mode season without a single successful player loan out. I now have to rely on the summer transfer window to get players out on loan, but now I have players coming back from loans creating quite the debacle. I have gone online and read many suggestions from FIFA players who have experienced this very issue and it's quite common. Why the issue?

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing FIFA 17, so much so that I skipped over purchasing FIFA 18, with the hopes something quite innovate would come out in FIFA 19, and it appeared as though it had. Unfortunately, my game play issues are leaving me with a different narrative, one filled with quite a bit of frustration and disappointment.

    Like so many other around the world, I am a lover of the beautiful game, and would love to see these issues addressed.
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    MOES98 wrote: »
    MOES98 wrote: »
    Still only 4 saveslots and none of the many bugs in career mode (like created players disappearing after the first season, like seriously why the f**k is this not fixed). Nice job.

    Can you share more details about the created players issue you are describing?

    When you're creating a player in the "create a player" hub in the menus, and wants to use him in your Career mode, he will disappear in the second season.

    If you assign a player to a club that player starts with a contract that expires in 12 months. If you don't extend it the player will be removed from the squad.
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    V10Unit wrote: »
    Career mode saves slot increase???

    We're aware of the feedback around this and looking into it.
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    This update is going in the right direction, in-particular the update "STARHEADS". The fifa community has been asking for revisions/updates on player faces. Gareth bale is now of that list, but this should be something more focused on
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    Please please please for the love of everything good in the world can you fix the AI defending, tracking and auto-interceptions. I'm constantly coming up against players that don't even move their player and hold the contain button followed by the most outrageous crosses and header goals. The AI shouldn't tackle and you should be rewarded with consistently more accurate tackles when manually defending. Also there appears to be a glitch with player positions when changing formation in game whereby my cdm will be playing st (all players playing in the incorrect position) even though it looks correct on the formation screen. There is also an issue with player switching after rebounds (which happens a lot this year). The game wont allow switching to other players (lb or right stick) even if there's someone closer to the ball. Thanks for all the efforts so far, I look forward to the next patch.
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    Change the gameplay if you want all of us to be happy :). everything is happen too fast, its not realistic .
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    @EA Andy

    Can you fix the camera problem, for example in lot of stadiums changing height and zoom sliders does not have any effect, for example stadiums like Stamford Bridge and many others, but with stadiums like Santiago Bernabeu, Olympic Stadium you can change height and zoom sliders and it has effect. Please can you fix this in the next update?
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    And also can you update new faces like Jorginho, Hudson - Odoi, Fabinho, Ryan Sessegnon and other players from Premier League who need update like Lukaku, Aguero,.. and also players from Bundesliga and Serie A in the next update?
  • 3rd major update, gameplay improvement... cool, ok, but feels like EA has been ignoring us when after 2 months of bugs and glitches the same issues haven't been addressed cuz they aren't related to FUT. Shame on you.
  • A few weeks back, EA-FIFA administrators stated that fouls would be addressed in a not so distant patch update, but we are yet to see this happen. Please address the lacks of fouls being called in this game. It's completely unrealistic for a game to be played with 0 or 1 CPU fouls. People are getting more and more frustrated with this lack of good gameplay. PLEASE FIX FOULS. THANK YOU!
  • Boa tarde, fico feliz com a atualização do jogo, parabenizo a equipe FIFA pelo trabalho de vocês, sempre dedicados a melhorias. Gostaria de das minhas sugestões futuras para a próxima atualização a respeito de "STARHEADS". Destaco algumas como: Hector Bellerin (Arsenal), Lucas Torreira(Arsenal) Bernd Leno(Arsenal) Mavropanos(Arsenal) Mattéo Guendouzi(Arsenal) / Adama Traoré(Wolverhampton Wanderers) Ricardo Pereira(Leicester City) James Maddison(Leicester City) Rachid Ghezzal (Leicester City) Bernard(Eventon FC) Felipe Anderson(West Ham) Gelson Martins(Atlético de Madrid) Vrsaljko(Inter de Milão) Cancelo(Inter de Milão) Skriniar(Inter de Milão). Também queria que ajustassem problemas físicos de jogadores, no caso em especial o Zagueiro Wes Morgan(Leicester City) e o Atacante Rondôn(Newcastle United) que estão com o atributo de Força Física 85, sendo que são muito fortes na realidade, por merecimento no mínimo 92 de força para os dois seria justo. Obrigado pela atenção e espero de verdade que essas sugestões sejam atendidas, eu como consumidor do jogo ficarei grato.
  • I have some problems first of all i want to thank to Ea because of this high effort to be best for users
    1 i want to know why i cant get the latest update patch on my console i have 1.03 update but nothing of these changes list not applied , sorry about my english i am not native ,
    2 i want to ask other user or ea team whay we cant find the traits and specialities in FUT ?
    And let us know when update patchs will be released
    Thank to ea again i am so proud to be one of milions users
  • @EA_Andy please please read my comment and if you know & can help or let me know
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    cant wait for this patch. Sick and tired of being punished for timing tackles and blocks correctly.
  • Totally lack of fouls ia off line!!!! Please fix or the game will be abandoned!!
  • The recent updates looks good, but what about Jorginho, he is the best passer in europe right now and still he has a generic face. I think all fans would want his face to be updated.

    Thank you
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    Hello!! sorry .. but a nice game and full of all licenses as fifa, how can it be so poor in playing EVERYONE and I say ALL the real faces of the players in their database? From a company like EA I expect a complete game in all ... The faces of
    PES are clearly better. The faces of all the players must not be reproduced, not only the most famous ones, but also sometimes there are absurd defections with respect to the real counterpart. This means that the game could sell much more. Hello
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    Esse modo carreira do fifa 19 é algo bizarro ex. Mercado de transferência muito desequilibrado, qualquer clube contrata qualquer jogador. Resultado de falta de trabalho da EA. Uma empresa que só pensa em lucrar agora. O que adianta ter champions, ter investimento em modos online e os jogadores desatualizados, te atualiza EA ninguém é otário não, todos percebe isso.
  • I can't find the newest update.. Still have the generic faces of newly peomoted teams in premier league.. Anybody with the same problem?
  • EA_Andy wrote: »

    The latest title update for FIFA 19 is now live. You can read some of the detail from this patch in our latest pitch notes article here.

    You can also check out the full list of changes in the patch notes here.

    Let us know your thoughts and any questions you have about this.

    PLEASE, RAKITIC needs new gameface, pls ea sports, his hairstyle so awful in game.
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    I had hoped the rules for the game had been fixed but as suspected still the following issues

    1. Pulling a player down by his shirt when through on goal, still not a penalty.
    2. When challenging for a header, pushing the player in the back, still not a foul.
    3. Running into a player without touching the ball, still not a foul.
    4. Snapping at the back of a player until you get the ball, still not a foul.
    5. Sliding tackle 90% sure to get you booked or sent off but standing tackle through the back not even a card.

    If you want I can send the rule book for football and you can learn it and make the required changes to improve what has become another fairly poor game.
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    Played the game last night for the first time in weeks because it is that bad. Patch notes saying the goal kick glitch was fixed.... It's not. I've spent hundreds buying these games over the years, I'm going back to 18 because this is that bad a game. ProEvo may be the choice next year with the rate of decline in the quality of your game over the last 5 years.
  • Please add Maurizio Sarri (Chelsea Manager) face to the game
  • When I plays FUT Rivals or Champions, the both 2 half or extra time ends while making an attack in front of the goal ! This is a bug ! :neutral: it also happened offline.
    This always happened, "Injury time" must added more in these cases before the referee whistle :smile:
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