How is Griezmann

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Want to purchase him any review on him?


  • kukuchev711
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    IF WBY is better and cheaper.
  • Polorimps
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    Got him behind IF Yedder and Firmino in a 4312 and I love him. Really good at CAM

    Yedder is comparable though he is right. Unsure if better but similar
  • Walsgrove_V2
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    Slightly tanned , lovely haircut
  • Mike010
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    i agree , packed him early in the game and never comes up in my mind to sell him. Played 350 games with him , mostly at Cam .
  • Fabio1
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    ok to start with but then gets very boring - if you got the cash get Aguero much much better
  • bloody-fouad
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    Any good strkee to replace Lacazette.
  • bloody-fouad
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    And matuidi is my good this year want to replace kondo
  • holdenwait
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    edited November 2018
    IF WBY is better

  • Tekover
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    Loved him at the beginning then not anymore.
    I'm currently playing him as a striker in a 4-1-2-1-2 (2) associated with normal WBY and he is now a game changer, often scores hat tricks and he is a beast at free kicks.

    Him and WBY combine very well together, they can both carry the ball forward amazingly.
    Also not to forget, he defends quite well, and it is quite difficult to take the ball from him, I mean people will tackle but he manages to keep the ball somehow.

    Will personally get IF WBY soon (should have taken the coins :'( ) and try the 2of them as ST in my current formation, or Griezmann as CAM and find another striker. Have Lacazette but I'm not a big fan.
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