Anyone bothering with packs tomorrow?



  • Laurens1998
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    I think I might go with untradeables for the first time. Went for the tradeable packs all weeks, gave me some unbelievable stuff (prime Van Basten, IF Lukaku) in the beginning but lately it's been pretty disappointing. Already have a great team so don't need the coins that much and I'm interested to see if you get good rewards with untradeables.
  • sheffutd87
    3441 posts National Call-Up
    I’ve gone tradeable packs every week so far, thinking I might take coins instead.

    Don’t see the point in untradeables personally. Chances of packing someone I’d want to use are very very slim.
  • Pipita
    639 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Coins need Suarez B)
  • rona_94
    905 posts Professional
    Always went for tradable or coins but think I'm gonna go with untreatable tomorrow
  • Paulopudasso
    1533 posts Play-Off Hero
    Rotate it each week mix it up a bit
  • Fryzern
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    Gone untradeables every week so far. Not packed anything major but not really after any upgrades to my prem side. Mahrez at 86 is fine and now Anderson is 86 aswell I’m happy to keep those and the rest of my team is fine
  • TW1103
    4175 posts National Call-Up
    Coins. I'm Div 6, normally rank 1, which is 52k... In theory, it only takes a few weeks to get a top class player... Obv not a Ronaldo or anything, but a good player. So far, I've managed PRIME Bobby Moore, Aubameyang and Felipe Anderson OTW from this
  • Fifa_Hawk_85
    16709 posts World Class
    Now that the wl rewards are being released at the same time as rivals this gives me a better choice of what to pick.

    Not playing anymore tonight so div 4 rank 2 for me and if I make more than 50k from wl rewards I will take the packs for rivals and if I make less than 50k will take the 50k coins. This way I can't get done over twice in the 1 day :D
  • greif44
    6117 posts Big Money Move
    I`ll take tradeable packs, there`s a slim chance that they`ll bring more profit than just coins lol
  • Fabio1
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    coins - EA screw me every chance they have
  • iggypop
    966 posts Semi-Pro
    Coins when the market is so low! High rated cards are worth peanuts, take the coins and invest
  • Safk001
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    edited November 2018
    I think with the new EPL POTM our a lot more people will be taking the coins, I’m undecided I’ve got 150k and about 250k worth of IF’s and high rated EPL players for the SBC’s. It all depends if it’s Barkley or Aub. Not sure when it’s announced.
  • Mill1
    450 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I'm a massive squad builder fan so I go untradeables..been pretty good so far like. Got ribery, totw lukaku, shane long. And a tonne of randoms for sbcs
  • freakjas
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    Think I’m gonna get fut champs rewards first and then depending on what I get imma decide what to do
  • MadTopGun2012
    202 posts Sunday League Hero
    First 2 weeks i took coins. Realised the market is so up and down its pointless so i went packs... sellable packs. I unpacked 93 Eusibo!!!!!!
    I dont understand why you would go untradeable packs.
  • tatadwader
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    i always do untradable packs. best value, and i'm not bothered as much when i do sbc players and they don't cost me nearly as much as they would otherwise.

    for example, I had untradable Pjanic and there was no way I was going to use him in a squad, so he helped immensely this weekend when I needed to boost my rating for the Gotze sbc. saved me 20k.
  • DadBod
    6381 posts Big Money Move
    I always go for untradeable packs. 60k will not give me cr7 or any prime icons.
  • Boomba
    837 posts Semi-Pro
    I don't have a choice. I'm in silver because of the unplayable servers
  • Mizenberg
    566 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Already regret my decision.. Again!
  • Always untradable.

    Perisic, ibra, couple discards ifs and lots of other 83-84s for future SBCs, love it
  • freakjas
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    Never gonna take packs again lol
    One 83 out of 2 50k, 2 35k and 4 15k packs :D
  • Invincibility
    4808 posts National Call-Up
    Packed sandro in the WL rewards took the gamble at the fut rival rewards packed if blind and if rogmanoli still 20k less then the coins in div4 rank 1 rewards
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