Fifa 19 - The title that relied on a players urgency to escape boredom

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I literally am struggling to find any reason to turn this game on. Loved fifa for a few years now and wish 19 had the same pull as the previous years...

So many things wrong with 19 that I'm beginning to think, in previous years, the greatness was just accidental strokes of genius - seeing as they've clearly taken us forward (backwards...) to a time that is worse.

The UCL cards have rendered any first If card useless. Totw might as well be forgotten as each player who receives their 1st inform is just a scratch better than the blue UCL you can already buy.

FUT Swap deals... I don't want to be coerced into playing daily just to stand a chance of earning a mediocre player card. I'd rather not have to complete minor SBCs to attain singular FUT swap cards, potentially for it to be an utter waste of time and coins if for some reason I miss a day or 2 we'll lose out on the only deal worthy of entertaining any bit of time. The fact that this is an event in the time line means we're not getting something better for its duration, commence the second month. Jeez.

Messi POTM? wtf

There's nothing personal now about entering into an online bout, or head 2 head game in rivals - blanked out player/opponent names just makes the experience feel robotic and a little impersonal. I certainly feel that way and maybe I'm a minority, but maybe not

Rivals rewards are great on the Thursday of each week but the joy is short lived and then the 7 days wait for any chance to improve your coin balance begins all over again. You could turn over a few seasons and collect your earnings to bank some funds you may just have lost through tax. But as it goes in 19, you can't sell and expect to recuperate your tax losses until the following Thursday. Jeez.

ICON SBCs aren't worthy of permanent coin depletion with the current picks - Last year we at the least got us an early Henry prime to get involved with.

Trezeguet? Really, EA?

League SBCs? Have they always been this bad of an upgrade? I'll be honest in saying I don't think I've ever completed a league SBC, but I'd like for the opportunity to be persuaded.

FUT champs is OK, does what it needs to.

But my god, everything in between is just garbage. Even opening packs is a waste of time with this years game. I'm not even touching on the mechanics and direction taken with gameplay which has as many pros and cons as years previous. But surely I'm not alone in having lost the want to spend anymore on the game as it stands.

I want for the title to be something I can't get away from, that consumes any spare time I might have, but I'm scrolling past its icon and straight to Netflix.


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    The CL cards add between 0 and +1 to all attributes. The IF cards add much bigger increases to areas that most apply to the position.
  • FIFAjunkee
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    I like Basic chem styles. So where you might like the concentrated +1/+2 on the specifics, I just want exciting upgrades as a whole. The UCL cards have made the TOTW very banal.
  • Fabio1
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    its just a constant fight !! ive just swapped 11 icl cards tonight to get a crd back that wasn't even as good as the 1 i put in - im just sick of it ! the rewards are better this year but opening these packs seriously its bad
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