Sick of losing in the 89th min

So I’m an Xbox fifa19 player I’m what I would describe as an average player. I play off line on legendary or world class and I’m winning 3-4 nil in most games (not good enough to win on ultimate yet). All my settings are manual and I enjoy the offline game. I also love the division rivals until the 1st title update came out. I believe I should sit at around division 5 or 6. (But am currently in division 8 with 37 losses on the bounce) And win a lot more games than I do online; however I find that playing online my shots even though they are perfect on target and in the green for a timed pass or shot go anywhere but towards the goal or the where the pass is intended. I can be winnng a game 2-0 then 44th min the opposition score a sucker goal then I get beat 3-2 with a 90 min winner yet the stats show 60 + possession 10+ shots on target and 90% on target I have an outstanding team all either team of the week or champions league player 88 rated team yet they don’t perform online like they should. My 9 year old can beat me when playing through EA servers yet when we play split screen I batter him 30 nil and also when I play with my sons account and he is on mine I can smash him apart 10 nil on line via the servers. Does anyone else have similar issues. I have rang EA and opened up a complaint but so far no resolution. JUST PUTTING THIS OUT THERE.


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