Hit the post 10 times and lost

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Just had to share that. Just played the biggest noob in the 2nd round of draft and lost after hitting the post 10 times. Good stuff EA.


  • DanCJ
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    EA have to keep players of different skill levels happy now and again.
  • protzbischof
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    I will also quit this game at least during the week. I will play the WL and thats it.
    You dont have to create chances to score goals. You get countered no matter what. Theres no casual game mode. After patch you hit the post multipel times per game. This game is ruined.
  • Claret_n_blue_blood
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    You hit the post 10 times, now that's skill
  • Aspral
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    I had 7 in one game. Must hit the post or bar twice a game
  • Chubbs
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    You should probably get better then. LeArN hOw To FiNiSh
  • TheRealHarrison
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    Just played a game against someone on Rivals and hit the post 6 times in first half. He messaged me at half time saying "hit the post again please". We play the second half and it's 2-1 to me with about 2 minutes to go. He gets a penalty for God knows what and takes it...

    ...He hit the post :D Instant(ish) Karma
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