EA please explain disconnection game result determination

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Can we get a pitch notes on the game result determination if the game ends due to disconnection (rage quit)?

Current assumption is:
I lead and disconnection occurs - I get a win and opponent get a loss
I loose and disconnection occurs - I get a loss and opponent win
Draw and disconnections occurs - draw for both players

So far I haven't seen a no game count which is much better than last year.

Does anyone have different experience?


  • Paquetesousa
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    Yesterday, as i was about to put the ball on the NET to make it 4-3, the opponent disconnected on purpose and i got a draw... Don't know if he got a win or a draw, but i should get the win...
  • SVKslato8
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    so you didn't manage to score 4th goal and it took the 3-3 result so that means draw ->disconnection->draw
    It confirms my assumption so far, who knows what did the opponent see how the match ended for him?
  • SVKslato8
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    over the weekend the disconnection issue have risen significantly. Can we have a pitch notes on this topic please?
  • SVKslato8
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    there is a post by EA_Andy


    Made the following changes for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC:
    Changed the match outcomes of some disconnects in Division Rivals and Online Draft.
    We will continue to monitor for any further required changes.

    Can we get a further details how the outcomes are changed and in the first place what was the original outcomes?
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