Still Waiting for my Record Breaker Hoban, EA

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I'm waiting for the Record Breaker Patrick Hoban for Dundalk.

He's scored 29 goals and counting in Premier Division of the League of Ireland.

He broke the record for goals (25) two and a half weeks ago already. If this was any other league you would have had a card or an SBC the next day and it would have expired by now.

Give this player and this league some respect for once EA. Don't wait until POTY awards, give him a RB card now because he deserves it on merit. Or, you could just continue to give out cards for no reason, I'm looking at you Scream Bastian Schweinsteiger.

Do the right thing. Reward LOI and Dundalk fans for his fantastic achievement.


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    Reminds me of the guy who kept posting threads demanding Hero cards for players from his favourite MLS team because someone scored a last minute winner or made a game-winning save. He was dead serious, and it was damn annoying.

    This one sounds like a legit case though. But it might not happen because it unfortunately won't help EA sell any packs.
  • Ireland_US
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    I mean tbh I'm a little infamous for being over the top for Irish and American players when we got to pick the community/most consistent TOTS, so I get that aspect of it.

    This is totally legit in my eyes though. It's just part of the bigger problem, big leagues being over emphasized and small/mid-sized leagues being totally glossed over.

    In the past, I've called for individual teams of the season for every league. Now that would probably be around 500 cards for TOTS (smaller leagues just getting a starting XI of players and larger leagues getting a full squad). That's a lot of players but a lot more fair and it would definitely mean even more money for EA. Seems like a win-win no brainer to me.
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    You got EA like

    Edit: Tbh I think the Fifa dev team got their hands full atm
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    I agree mate. You already know the reason why it hasn’t been done though...
  • Ireland_US
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    But if they did things like this the right way, and more often (because I'm sure they overlook records being broken all the time), you'd think they could make money out of it.

    Although as the man said, the dev team is probably too busy off fighting fires right now, so making sure small leagues get their due isn't even on their radar.
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