Please add League SBCs to FIFA on Switch!

I realise that people have posted about this before - but this evening I was asked to post again by one of the support team on Twitter, just to reiterate to the Community Managers that players really care about this.

League SBCs were a huge part of the game on Switch last year. There are so few chances to earn packs on FIFA for Switch compared to the other platforms - taking this away makes the game almost impossible to play to the same level. It’s really the final straw in a series of disappointing and inexplicable decisions to take content away from Switch players who are paying the same price for the game. Given all the attention that has recently been paid to whether FUT amounts to gambling in a legal sense, I would think that EA might want to take a very serious look at making sure that they are publishing the game on a footing that offers players a fair chance to compete without staking additional money.

I would really appreciate an answer from one of the Community Managers on this. Are the league SBCs coming to Switch, like last year - and if not, why not? Thanks in advance for the help


  • Well said, this is absolutley catastrophic that this has been removed after being included in FIFA 18. It's time for a response now EA.
  • tallarida
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    Y'all are bugging. People are on this forum asking for responses and explanations and all types of stuff. I'm a simple guy. Just give me an apology and acknowledge what you did. EA isn't even acknowledging what's happened, so who really expects an explanation?

    To be honest, I don't even want to hear any sort of rational; it's not something justifiable. Baby steps guys. First step is acknowledging that you have a problem. EA, are you capable of doing that?
  • I will not buy any FIFA on switch anymore, there is less gaming mode, compare with other platform
  • Solari
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    I am pretty certain the league SBC will not be available on switch due to the new player pick feature. They did not and are not going to implement in the old engine.
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    That Piatti card looks great... This is painfull :(
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