How is 3-5-2 this year?

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Anyone using it?


  • Antiseen
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    Yep, and 3-4-1-2 reviews please, I liked it in wc mode, but not sure about FIFA19
  • Bevlarrrr
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    I played 352 for about 90odd games with my serie a team, enjoyed it a lot if I’m honest, having a change now tho to 433(4). Give 352 a try, I found at times it was almost a 325 where I had the LM and RM on stay forward and stay wide, they were always up the pitch along with the CAM and 2 ST
  • Boyd1sh
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    I'm using it after I struggled with my previous formation and saw a couple posts about it here and man, I found my favorite one for this year. Incredibly balanced in every way..
  • jjara
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    Ive used the 3-4-2-1 and 3-5-2 (CAM) and they are pretty effective against the guys still trying to have their two strikers do 1-2's every time they attack. I always keep that in my "defensive" even though I have that set to high depth and pressure. It isnt sustainable for a whole game though unless you have Strikers come back on defense and that in turn kills any chance at getting out of your own half. Like said before the formation isnt balanced, your wing players have 0 discipline and Ive uses high/high players there.
  • Gligor
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    Antiseen wrote: »
    Yep, and 3-4-1-2 reviews please, I liked it in wc mode, but not sure about FIFA19

    @Antiseen i play with 3412 and work very well
  • Empyrium7
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    I tried 5-2-1-2 - pretty solid in the defense if you are worried about spaces in the back - set your RWB and LWB to join the attack.
    another good formation is 5-4-1. it's wide and that will open up your opnoent - you just have to be patient with the build up. and if you face an a.. that only run at you players with constant pressure. you will find one of your RWB or LWB waiting the ball at the sides.
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