Perin vs Handanovic

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I'm currently using Perin, Is It worth the coins to upgrade to Handanovic?

Or is it just like fifa 18 an do all goalkeepers suck?


  • Brosing
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    Personally I use perin and he is very solid. Not looking to replace him, imo its not worth to spend 60-90k on a keeper, especially when your 84 rated does bits :D
  • AJS-17
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    Handanovic for me was awful! One of the only keepers I have actually noticed them in a bad way, literally shots were going straight at him and he’d collapse to the floor etc. Wouldn’t recommend not tried perin
  • dregana08
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    Perin was atrocious for me... did really comical things. I thought it was just the game but so far he's the only GK who did such things.
  • I've used both juve keepers and handanovic and hando wins every time. Hes more consistent where the other 2 make more obvious (almost comical) errors. Perin is better then szcezny though
  • Lcfc
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    Courtois is the only keeper worth getting
  • Never used Hando, but I played against him the other day and surprisingly scored 5 of the easiest goals I've ever scored on him. I use Courtois, and like any keeper, he has his dumb moments, but he has definitely saved me more points than he has lost me.
  • Mataay
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    Used to have Perin, he was ok but awful in the air and finess shots , Handanovic has been very soid for me, great reach and really good in the air. Best keeper i have used this far, if u pay Serie A then he is the keeper to go with
  • Markman007
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    I tried CL Perin and he was decent, but I sold him and am using CL 81 Mirante for my Serie A team. He's been fantastic. I can't believe I paid only 1600 for him. Wait till the next CL SBCs drop and try to get Mirante for cheap.
  • jjara
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    Sczesny has actually been better for me than Perin. As sadi above, Perin struggles with the outside shots ( I assume its his diving stat) but is great in the 1v1/ reflex based stuff. Szcesny is more well rounded.
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