Market visibility test

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I wanted to see how my items are visible to the market. I get low sales and barely any of them while others seen they TP melting in 2-3 relists on last POTM and flashback hypes.

I've put Carlos Villanueva with start price 4300 and buy now 7500 so it's quite sure he won't get sold and it is easier to cherry-pick him from the results. He is set up for 24hrs. The card has 1 owner and no games played, 99 fitness and position is CAM.

Let me know if you can search the guy. It can give you mixed results if you search just by name, then by name and prices, then by just prices and finally just by nation/league/team.

I hope I won't get banned for this as it may expose some transfer market flaws. I also assume selling players on market is legal in EA terms, however I've seen people being banned just for regular trading.



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