It is impossible to manually defend in fifa 19

AI defending is so op I can actually let go of my controller and for 90 my team defends perfectly when I try to manually defend my defense get over pressure and I can't stop it.


  • AjaxLegends
    3562 posts National Call-Up
    I conceed goals when I manually defend and I hate it, because I actually like to be in control of the game to enjoy it. Why is playing squad battles on pro easier than online AI defending. Makes no sense.
  • deang07
    8351 posts League Winner
    hard but not impossible i refuse to press 2nd man and contain i switch to nearest def to ball and defend myself never run around with a cm.
    im not amazing but win my fair share gold 2 wl.
    div 4 /3 rank 1
    average and overall record is 70:30 ish.
    id rather loose more and play my way than win all costs and not enjoy by going hihg pressure counter and ai def ❤️❤️❤️❤️ that
  • Mdionne415
    1146 posts Professional
    I love how some people complain about press, two man press, and AI defending in the same post.
    The offense has complete advantage across the board. From op LS, TB, crossing, to passing, shielding, close dribble etc
  • boomtw3
    350 posts Sunday League Hero
    The AI defending is ultimate level cause i beat legendary squad battle no problem but the online AI is too much. If you opponents doesn't keep changing and moving players out of position. It's hard to beat.
  • maksi
    6650 posts Big Money Move
    The most annoying thing about AI defending is the fact you don't actually play against human, so every game is the same boring grind.
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