Who is your gem so far?



  • ICUP
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    Fred, unbelievable as a midfielder.
  • MrMack08
    401 posts Sunday League Hero
  • Akifo
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    edited October 2018
    Striker : Alex Teixeira, horrible league (Chinese) but ok nation (Brazil).
    I've played 30 games with him and scored 38 times. Weakfoot:4* Skill moves: 4*

    Has the 'Tries to beat defensive line' trait and Speedster & Acrobat specialities

    and he's a bargain for only 750 coins.
  • Akifo
    536 posts An Exciting Prospect
    MrMack08 wrote: »

    Gem : icon ? lol
  • Hoopsterz
    1674 posts Play-Off Hero
    Got to say Morata.. card is only like 3/4k or something but has been brilliant in the 15 or so games he has played.
  • NooBish AbbZ
    350 posts Sunday League Hero
    I bought Jefferson Lerma in for trading and just threw one in my club. He and Jesse Lingard have been really good for me already, however i've only done literally, a few games using them.
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