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Sergio, Sergio...

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I just love when you score with Aguero and stadium explodes, starts singing "Sergio, Sergio". It's so adrenalin pumping and I never want to sell him because of this!

Does any other player-specific "special effects" exist in the FUT?


  • QuinnUK87
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    edited October 2018
    Adrenaline pumping? Wow.. I suggest you never do a sky dive / bungee jump. It would send your heart into melt down.

    On topic.. Messi gets the crowd chanting his name alot.
  • Mmandras
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    Well yeah, guys in my old age gets excited quite easily. :)

    I always play on very low volume, I can only imagine the effect with headphones or surround system.

    Wow I have to get Messi than.
  • Busterlin
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    Martial gets the song sung when he sings “tony martial scores again...”
  • Delboy13710
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    Zaha has by far the best chant when he scores it’s brilliant .
  • Mmandras
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    Zaha? That's brilliant. So it's not only top players specific?
  • Mini_Miudo
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    I love hearing the fans sing You'll Never Walk Alone but I'm disappointed the Mo Salah Egyptian King chant isn't in the game. :bawling:
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