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Realistic Randomness in Esports

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SHould be interesting to see the pros play this game, imagine this happening in game...

I mean what the **** is this **** EA... seriously? The bounces off the legs and auto lock/gravity for some and not everyone is really ****, please sort this **** out.

Check this out

First off at 00:09, there's a 50/50 ball there to be won, why does my player back off???

Then the fail pass bounces off my knee and creates a perfect through ball, can't wait for a goal like this to decide some 100,000 dollar tournament.

and what about this in the same **** game??


we need answers EA, this is ****, Kimpembe does a massively delayed animation that I DIDN'T ask him to do, and he;s late for rabiot's shot... would have blocked it.

that's not even looking at the ridiculous bounce of the leg perfect assist as AGAIN

I know my post just get ignored but this needs to be shown, these issue need to be shown for my sanity and not get covered up by "git gud agents"

I dare anyone to justify how these goal don't show that SOMETHING needs fixing...

Realism you say?
If you want realism then don't make Kimpembe scoring a bicycle kick like he just did for me 3 matches ago...
If you want realism, you should be able to kick a goal kick safely to a defender without crazy pressure from opposition and nowhere to kick, that literally doesn't ever happen in football...
Realism means Aubameyang runs faster than Kompany

Don't put realism in one place and not elsewhere and don't defend issues that obviously need fixing, this isn't subjective.
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    I feel ya, notice Guedes at the bottom right.

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    number 7??? lol what the **** ""here here put me through i'm sprinting"

    as soon as you pass

    "whoops i don't feel like running anymore, ooh what's that on the grass? oh it's nothing, oh **** I was running wasn't I, aaaah **** now I've been caught up by Robert huth"
  • Ah well you see in the first clip, you failed to notice the invisible force field to the left of the ball that stopped your player challenging again, so that’s your fault. I have anti force field infra red scanners all over my tv so I can avoid these new game features that weren’t described in the manual.

    On the second clip, kimpempe was either bored, lost concentration or worried about the force field from the first clip and so had a brain meltdown. I have had to go to extraordinary lengths to find the “player mind probe patch” so that my players respond to my controller, and only my controller.

    I thought this was all common knowledge, but now I realise most players were under the erroneous assumption that Fifa 19 would be a footy game and we’d have full control over our players all the time. Can’t have that - otherwise how are casuals ever going to win?
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    Stop over analysing every single pass and interception and you might actually enjoy the game.
  • mdizzl3 wrote: »
    Stop over analysing every single pass and interception and you might actually enjoy the game.

    The OP makes a fair’s extemely frustrating where you lose a goal through lack of control of your players. It’s one thing to lose a goal because your opponent passes so well you can’t get a touch, but another when you should get that touch but bugs and glitches / weird gameplay prevent you.
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    It's why if I wanted to be a pro gamer it would not be FIFA, too much RNG and AI interference. But I play FIFA for fun so it's all good lol.
  • I wish I could play this for fun but can’t. If I wanted randomness I’d throw 3 sheets of paper out the window and see which way the wind blows them.
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