How are you finding FUT Champs?

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Not sure if it’s just me, but it seems a lot harder this year.


  • MrMack08
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  • Theomanny
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    Horrible experience. Might be my last this year.
  • Navraat
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    14-3, sweet spot achieved which is Gold 3, you get a 50k pack, 2 Mega Packs and 2 in forms, coins a bit low but better than nothing.

    Will eventually push for more if I have time but just setting Gold 3 as a target allows me to not stress over having the best players or if I lose a game or two

  • Paquetesousa
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    Actually, yesterday night wasn't too bad, gameplay wise... at least it was fluid, not too much lag.The main problem is still the same:the community. People with great teams spamming long shots just to win corners, só they can score. People just still want to win, don't want to play... I'm 8-11 right now but i'm sure i deserve at least 7 of them, which is fine for me. I Lost 4 on pens and 3 from corners alone. The ONLY match i Lost which i was completely smashed was against shearer... 5 goals scored, no chance...
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