Get injured? Rating drops for being out of position.

Player makes heavy tackle on you, referee plays advantage, your player is injured on the ground for 10-15 seconds, your match rating is then hammered all the way back down to 6.0 or worse if this happens far from your original starting position. Why should I be punished?

Does EA care? Why isn't it beta tested intensively? This probably won't get fixed just like the same bugs that have existed from 16 but are still in the game today.


  • xCDHx
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    It's anoying if you are a defender and go up for a corner and the other team gets the ball.

    Even if you sprint back you get penalised for being out of position.

    Also sometimes I am holding the auto position button as a CB and switch the camera to the ball view it doesn't move my player up which kinda sucks as lose ratings...
  • SisU
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    The out of position is out of position and EA should get lowered rating. Just face it, EA haven't done anything for pro and they won't do anything in the future.
  • WarrenBarton
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    This has been in the game for 8+ years
  • SisU
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    edited October 2018
    Yeah and one would think that they should have done something to it during this time.
    I see why it's there and all that. But some situations are just pure stupid. Like the above mentioned injury, also as Midfielder when you take corner, if your team don't score or end up getting the ball you will loose rating (out of position) because opposing team is countering.
    Yesterday I played LCM and was defending corner. Our defender heads the ball towards the sideline and I catch the ball first and quickly put it on the right wing for a counter. -0,4 points because I didn't have time to participate in the counter attack. WTF!?
    Also when you play say winger, if the striker receives the ball and pushes your wing the arrow still points to your position even though the striker has taken that area.
  • Orikoru
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    The rating is so glitched that I pretty much ignore it altogether and just try and help my team in whatever why I need to. It's full of daft inconsistencies, like wingers being punished for simply getting into the box for a cross because they're too central, and all sorts.
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