Corner + Bicycle Kick = Goal

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Wtf is this about?

I've conceeded so many of these bs goals, all the time it's CBs scoring these stupidly good bicycle kicks


  • Messi4ever2018
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    I can't score 1. How does everyone score from corners. I swear my game is broken. I try copy people yet it never works for me. I've taken 10 corners in 1 game and all go way over. I play full manual controls and still no difference.
  • Moy
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    Had a few people try them on me but went high n wide :D
  • BlitzersNL
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    Haven't conceded any yet. I just position one defender between the corner of the 6 yard box and the first post.
  • Del654
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    I scored one, dunno how I done it tho.
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