New features?

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Could a mod or developer please let us know what new features to expect in FIFA 19 on switch?

- Division Rivals
- Weekend League
- Squad Battles
- Daily / Weekly objectives
- House Rules



  • Gingerboaby83
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    Very sure we don’t have fut champs and squad battles. I believe you can now play a friend but don’t know what else is new if anything.
  • Grousey
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    If there's no squad battles or companion app then it'll be Xbox again for me this year.
  • sdub51
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    All features depicted here. No sb or wl
  • the_bad_seeds_fc
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    House rules is confirmed. And the Switch version has an exclusive mode in Kick Off called King of the Hill. Lazarescu explain everything in an interview with Nintendo at Gamescom.
  • sdub51
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    There's some confusion on the Web App... the Fifa 18 login notification (on Nintendo...) says "Returning user rewards . . . login to FUT Web App now to claim your rewards!"

    But FIfa 19 Web App says "FUT accounts on Nintendo Switch are not currently supported . . ."

    So which is the truth?
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