My last FULL MANUAL GOALS video (9m 06s)

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My last FIFA18 video. Ciao game.


  • BistroXII
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    Thank you, enjoyed that and congrats on playing manual so well.

    That second last goal by Isco in the video was just beautiful to watch, and the last one just had the opposition mesmerised. Great to watch.

    I remember when I first played FIFA for the first time in 2014 and thought that the professional players of FIFA played using manual controls. How mistaken I was.

    I’ll admit that I have a love hate relationship with playing manual, I go through long periods of time on manual and then get frustrated and switch to semi/assisted. It is a great way of playing the game though, I’m on manual again atm (offline only) but hopefully will finally stick with it for even longer this time.
  • Joonlar
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    Thanks dude. Glad you enjoyed it. @BistroXII

    If you want to check out my youtube I have a bunch more FUMA videos uploaded, here is a link to my FIFA16 & FIFA18 playlists (I'm still playing 16 FUMA to this day, the game is dope and I just uploaded a new video yesterday):

    I hear you. I start using manual back in like FIFA11ish mainly for lob balls, but would use a mix of assisted/semi/manual overall. It took me a few years to get fully comfortable to go full manual, but by FIFA14 that's what I did and never looked back. It's just not rewarding to play on any type of assistance anymore, and playing FUMA vs FUMA matches is just too good.

    Just keep at it man, and play at your own pace. I would recommend you use the FIFA Trainer also to make your FUMA game more reliable.
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    I will definitely check out some more of your videos. I feel the same about FIFA16 and I’m still playing career mode on it myself. I go through phases where I play my favourite which is FIFA14 and then alternate between newer versions.

    I’m also thinking I might try some online matches when I feel like my manual play has improved.

    Thanks for the tips.
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