How do you defend

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So many games I've been 3/4-0 up then lag kicks in every game after half time and I just can't do anything. Defending even though I can predict opponents movements my controller just will not register commands till 2 seconds later. Anyone know how to fix this. Main issues are with seasons on FUT. World cup mode no issues at all. Smooth as.


  • ConMan123
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    Even if you read it and you dive the slightest bit late it will leave you exposed. Especially with the cb’s. All about cutting off the angle on the pass and already being there. Honestly defending is all about who can run backwards better and get in the passing lane. Be more aggressive around midfield and play it more safe as they get in the final third
  • Dolph
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    Not much point now, might as well wait 3 weeks and go from there
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